Cant sign up to MCC

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Cant sign up to MCC Jeremy 5/20/12 5:44 AM
I'm trying to sign up to the MCC so that I can request Google Adwords API access and the form seems broken, showing no stylesheet and having limited functionality.

I'm assuming this is just temporary downtime and will be fixed... Any ideas?

Re: Cant sign up to MCC Jeremy 5/20/12 5:46 AM

Re: Cant sign up to MCC Anash P. Oommen 5/22/12 11:21 PM
Hi Jeremy,

If you have an MCC account, login to the MCC account and follow the instructions on My Account->AdWords API Center to do the signup. If you don't have an MCC account, create one at

See  for more details on signing up for AdWords API.

Anash P. Oommen,
AdWords API Advisor.
Re: Cant sign up to MCC RR Development 5/29/12 9:12 AM

I too have created an AdWords account and have access to the MCC yet I do not see "AdWords API Center" anywhere on any of the pages / menus I have access to.

Would you be able to provide a quick screenshot of what I should be looking for?

Thank you
Re: Cant sign up to MCC Anash P. Oommen 5/31/12 1:16 AM

You should be looking for a "My Client Center" tab in your account once you have logged into your MCC account. If you can't find one, you are in a normal AdWords account. If you can find one, then the API Center should be available from My Account->AdWords API Center.

Anash P. Oommen.
Re: Cant sign up to MCC Sergio Rossi 12/3/12 11:57 PM
Hi Jeremy!
Me too have experienced the same broken page and do not understand how to create an MCC account!
Are you then able to find the right page working?

Re: Cant sign up to MCC Marcel Pietsch 2/20/13 11:35 AM
I finally figured it out. The sign up page does not work if you try to open it with Safari oder Firefox (both OS X). But it magically works with Google Chrome. This is … weird, to say at least.
Re: Cant sign up to MCC Paul Matthews (AdWords API Team) 2/25/13 5:57 AM
The link can sometimes be missing (or display broken css) if there's an extension enabled that may block assets.

For instance, the AdBlock Plus extension often blocks assets containing AdWords in the name. Especially from Google IPs.

Can you try starting (a current version of) firefox in safe-mode, to confirm you see the same experience?


- Paul, AdWords API Team.