CustomerSyncReport instead of CustomerSyncService?

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CustomerSyncReport instead of CustomerSyncService? Daniel 7/3/12 5:15 AM
Hey guys,

we tried to work with the CustomerSyncService to make a specific Report for our clients. In this reporting wi'll show how many changes we made in the last 30 days in their accounts, like for e.g. how many textads (or negative keywords, adgroups etc.) were added by us or how many cpc changes did we make in this period of time.

We tried to get these data with the CustomerSyncService but seriously ... this is not possible!

We tried to get these data over the service for the last 30 days - it ends in an error that says: To many changes.
Okay - no problem - so we call the service for every single day for the last 30 days. It ends in an error that says, that we can't make so much calls in this short time.
So i tried the last step but only 1 call every second. After that, i got some results but with these little amaount of data i can't get it all done.

For example it is not possible to get the number of new keywords in new adgroups for the a given timeperiod - because i didn't get the changes for the new adgroup.
I have to get all the data by myself with many other calls to different services ...

Isn't it possible to make a new report type in the API so we can use a "CustomerSyncReport" instead of the Service?
Maybe this service can give us all the changes (and the total number of different changes?!) like we see it in the Google Adwords web interface as a smart XML file?
I think that would be perfect and really a better way to get CustomerChangeData for an account.

Would be great to hear sth. from you about that.

Re: CustomerSyncReport instead of CustomerSyncService? Danial Klimkin 7/3/12 7:51 PM
Hello Daniel,

The CustomerSyncService was designed to help the API users to synchronize account states of the server and the client. It is not meant to give detailed change history on all objects.

As such, it is easy to get information on what was changed but extra calls are required to determine the exact state. I believe the best approach will be to add change logging on your side (provided all changes are made via the API) which will give you all the information you require.

-Danial, AdWords API Team.
Re: CustomerSyncReport instead of CustomerSyncService? Chirag 7/5/12 5:49 AM
Hello Danial,

Got your point.
but Should i request changedCriteria id 344390089, to get more details from AdGroupCriterionService.
 [changedCriteria] => Array
                                            [0] => 344390089
                                            [1] => 20971231240
                                            [2] => 24547983
                                            [3] => 33370030
                                            [4] => 21032905742
and chandeAds from AdService.

Re: CustomerSyncReport instead of CustomerSyncService? AdWords API Advisor 7/23/12 7:19 AM
Hello Chirag,

Sorry for the delayed response, I was on vacation.

It is expected the CustomerSyncService is used to track changes
implemented via non-API means, such as user interface. With the UI it is
unlikely you can make thousands of changes within seconds.

Once you have the ID of the changed object you can use the relevant
service (or report) to query it's current state.

-Danial, AdWords API Team.

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