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Report with day field Chirag 5/8/12 5:34 AM
Hello All,

I wants to get data day basis. So that i am including day field, but result is more than one row for same campaign and same day. is there any way so that i can get one day field for one campaign in report?

Re: Report with day field David Torres 5/11/12 12:23 PM
Hi Chirag,

You might be including another segmentation field in your report that is causing multiple rows for the same day/campaign combination, how your report definition looks like exactly?


-David Torres - AdWords API Team
Re: Report with day field Chirag 5/12/12 5:22 AM
Hello Anash,
Here is the report definition for ad performance report. here also i am getting for same day multiple row and same ad id.

        $selector = new Selector();
        $reportDefinition = new ReportDefinition();
        $selector->dateRange = new DateRange($startDate, $endDate);
        $array = array(
            'AdGroupId', 'AdGroupName', 'AdGroupStatus', 'AdNetworkType1', 'AdNetworkType2', 'AdType', 'AverageCpc', 'AverageCpm', 'AveragePosition', 'Device',
            'CampaignId', 'CampaignName', 'CampaignStatus', 'Clicks',
            'Ctr', 'Cost', 'Conversions', 'CostPerConversion', 'ConversionRate', 'ConversionsManyPerClick',
            'CostPerConversionManyPerClick', 'ConversionRateManyPerClick', 'Headline', 'Id', 'Status', 'Description1', 'Description2',
            'Impressions', 'TotalConvValue', 'ValuePerConversion','DisplayUrl','Url','Date');
                $campaignStatusPredicate = new Predicate('CampaignStatus', 'IN', array('ACTIVE', 'PAUSED')); //ACTIVE, DELETED, PAUSED
                $AdgrpstatusPredicate = new Predicate('Status', 'IN', array('ENABLED')); //ENABLED, PAUSED, DELETED
                $statusPredicate = new Predicate('AdGroupStatus', 'IN', array('ENABLED'));
                $selector->predicates = array($AdgrpstatusPredicate, $statusPredicate, $campaignStatusPredicate);
                $reportDefinition->reportName = 'Ad performance report #' . time();
                $reportDefinition->dateRangeType ='CUSTOM_DATE';
                $reportDefinition->reportType = 'AD_PERFORMANCE_REPORT';
                $reportDefinition->includeZeroImpressions = FALSE; 

Re: Report with day field Chirag 5/18/12 12:28 AM
Hello Anash,
Any update?
What i am doing wrong with the code.

Re: Report with day field David Torres 5/22/12 2:22 PM
Hi Chirag,

Your are including many fields that will segment your report in multiple rows (i.e.  'AdNetworkType1', 'AdNetworkType2', 'Date')

Please read the section behavior of this reference for more information.


Re: Report with day field Chirag 5/23/12 2:52 AM
Thanks David,

Now got the desired report.