TargetingIdeaService - Confusing terms?

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TargetingIdeaService - Confusing terms? Maddog 5/1/12 3:09 AM
So I've seen several threads here that say that in order to be eligible to use the keyword tool API (TargetingIdeaService) my application needs to implement all kinds of other features (so called "Creation Functionality" or RMF)
What is the rationale behind this? How would Google know what commands my application implements and more importantly - why does it care?

I'm interested in employing the keyword tool in an application that will not be customer-facing (i.e. there's no UI that will ever show the keywords to the user) - is that also not allowed? If it's a paid API, why have such strange restrictions?
What if I implement the other methods, but never use them, would google still care? Or will they just reject my API request if I'm making anything but a GUI for AdWords?

Thank you
Re: TargetingIdeaService - Confusing terms? Kevin Winter 5/3/12 8:38 AM
  As the T&C and RMF are considered to be legal documents, we cannot interpret them.  We strongly encourage you to provide the details you've mentioned in your message when applying for access to the AdWords API - this will help the review team review your application.  Please also consult this guide to signing up for API access, which has additional information:

- Kevin Winter
AdWords API Team
Re: TargetingIdeaService - Confusing terms? Maddog 5/13/12 6:22 AM
Thank you, Kevin