CaptchaRequiredError (Ruby API)

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CaptchaRequiredError (Ruby API) yoshi 8/6/12 12:21 PM


Recently I get a lot of CaptchaRequiredError's using the Adwords API. I'm building an application that executes requests to the API frequently
using the Ruby client library. I'm using ClientLogin as authentication method and version v201206 of the API.

All I do is creating an instance of and reuse it for every request.

Earlier this hasn't been a problem until now. Even if I dont touch the authtoken endpoint for every request (which I believe I don't) is there still
a request/second limit that also raises the CaptchaRequiredError? By the way, I get the same error in SANDBOX environment.

I don't know how to debug this since I havent' change anything. And I send the same amount of request now as then.

Re: CaptchaRequiredError (Ruby API) Hudarsono Hu 8/6/12 9:28 PM

Its the same with me.

You should migrate to OAuth2 as authentication from ClientLogin. Google limit the number of request per minute if we use ClientLogin.

I also still migrating and is experiencing problem with the Ruby Client Library in OAuth2. Hopefully they will answer my email soon.

Re: CaptchaRequiredError (Ruby API) yoshi 8/6/12 11:37 PM
Thanks for the answer. I will have a look at Oauth 2.0. But one thing that I'm curious about is, since my application doesn't involve any user input how do I grant
permission with Oauth2 in a convenient way? In my application the requests to the API is handled by a script not a user.
Re: CaptchaRequiredError (Ruby API) Oliver 8/7/12 1:27 AM
I'm just curious to understand why would the type of login affect the quality of service.  Doesn't make sense to me?  Do you have any reference to where Google mentions this?

Re: CaptchaRequiredError (Ruby API) Anash P. Oommen 8/7/12 8:53 PM
Hi Oliver, Yoshi,

The CaptchaRequiredError is raised by ClientLogin API. ClientLogin API tokens are long lived (typically 2 weeks), so ClientLogin expects that you reuse authTokens instead of generating a new one for every API call. 

Anash P. Oommen,
AdWords API Advisor.
Re: CaptchaRequiredError (Ruby API) Temla 8/8/12 1:42 AM

Thanks for the answer. I'm aware about the token lifetime and that we should reuse them. But the code I'm using has been
working for weeks and suddenly it's not working. I have never had a CaptchaRequiredError before and the amount of requests are the same.

So I guess this is probably a something wrong with the the client library (ruby) I'm using or just my own misstake. Anyway, I thought it was strange that
Hudarsono Hu experienced the same behaviour all of a sudden.

Do you know anything about requests per minute?

Re: CaptchaRequiredError (Ruby API) Danial Klimkin 8/8/12 8:17 AM
Hello Temla,

There were no changes to the library that could cause this but there may be server-side changes that affected system thresholds.

We don't know exact number of calls allowed before captcha is triggered (and this number can change at any time).

-Danial, AdWords API Team.