Can't set enhanced cpc for manualCPC

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Can't set enhanced cpc for manualCPC Natalia 5/20/12 7:12 AM
I currently have a campaign with the default biddding strategy of manualCPC, I have tried enabling enhancedCPC on that campaign via this code:

 $campaign->id = $campaignId;
 $campaign->biddingStrategy = new ManualCPC(TRUE);
 $operation = new CampaignOperation(NULL, $campaign, 'SET');

And later I call mutate with that operation but it seems that though I get no error from the server when I retrieve that campaign at a later stage enhancedcpc is still not set to TRUE, I thought maybe I should use a bidding transition but all I get is TRANSITION_TO_ITSELF
Re: Can't set enhanced cpc for manualCPC David Torres 5/24/12 6:57 AM
Hi Natalia,

By setting enhancedCpc true in the ManualCPC object and sending a regular mutate.set should work, I just tried myself. Could you pull out of your logs a requestId for me to check?


-David Torres - AdWords API Team