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Birth date api maruti 6/15/12 8:36 AM
I am not able to update the Birthdate. (using c# google API )
My code is as follows:

                     Contact profile = m_objContactReq.Retrieve<Contact>(new Uri("" + DomainName + "/full/" + UserName));
                     profile.ContactEntry.Birthday = "1987-01-07";
                     Contact updatedContact1 = m_objContactReq.Update(profile);

this code gives following error :-
"A temporary internal problem has occurred. Try again later."

Same code is working for another domain.
Re: Birth date api Danial Klimkin 6/19/12 3:12 AM
Hello maruti,

This forum is for AdWords API technical questions only. Please check with your product specific support team with this question.

-Danial, AdWords API Team.