Bugathon Instructor Training - status update

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Bugathon Instructor Training - status update Cecilia Borg 6/11/12 4:05 AM
Hi all!
We're starting to form a good plan for the OpenJDK Bugathon pilot in the AdoptOpenJDK program. 

We're inviting everyone on this list to participate in the first meeting regarding OpenJDK Bugathons.
As we said in Latvia, we're starting out slowly and carefully to map out the support JUGs need to execute a Bugathon and how the reviewers can handle incoming patch suggestions.

We're currently in discussions finding a suitable area of bugs to fix and an available OpenJDK reviewer to act as sponsor, leaning towards build warning fixes in AWT/Swing.
Depending on the availability of the sponsor, we can start setting dates for the program.

For practical reasons, we have capped the pilot to three JUGs, approximately 12 instructors (3-4 instructors per JUG), so after the first meeting, people who feel they fulfill the requirements are welcome to apply to be part of the instructor pilot.

  • First meeting for everyone interested in Bugathons, 1 hour by phone aimed at JUG leaders. Ben and Martijn explains the practical details around execution and responsibilities of an instructor.
  • Application and election of three JUGs
  • Instructor training meeting with the elected JUGs (12 participating instructor candidates), by phone.
  • Synchronized Bugathon event with the three elected JUGs.
  • Resulting patch cleanup by instructors
When we have finalized the details with bug area and sponsors, we will get back with information regarding dates.
Let us know if you have any questions!

Best regards, 
Cecilia Borg, Ben Evans, Martijn Verburg

Oracle Sweden 
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