2012 NEASIS&T Student Travel Award -- Apply Now!

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2012 NEASIS&T Student Travel Award -- Apply Now! Beata 2/28/12 2:00 PM
NEASIS&T Student Travel Award

STUDENT TRAVEL AWARD AVAILABLE (Deadline: Monday, April 9, 2012)

The American Society for Information Science & Technology, New England
Chapter (NEASIS&T) is pleased to announce the availability of one
award of up

to $1000 to reimburse expenses for attendance at the ASIS&T 75th
Annual Meeting (October 26-31, 2012, Baltimore, MD). Applications must
be received

by Monday, April 9. The winner(s) will be notified by Monday, April

One award for the best essay will be offered to student members of
ASIS&T* in the New England, Upstate New York or Eastern Canada
regions. Students

must be enrolled in an information science** master’s or doctoral
program. In order to be reimbursed, the award winner will submit
receipts substantiating

travel and conference related expenses, such as costs for
registration, airfare, food, and lodging. The award winner will also
be expected to meet with a

NEASIS&T representative at the conference.

Submit an essay that addresses the following questions in specific
    * Why do you wish to attend the ASIS&T Annual Meeting?
    * How do you believe you will be able to use the conference
experience to further your career?
    * How might NEASIS&T or ASIS&T benefit if you receive the award?

Essay criteria:
    * Essay must be written in English.
    * Essay may not exceed 500 words or two double spaced pages.
    * Student must be sole author.

The coversheet should include the following information:
    * Applicant’s name
    * Address
    * Phone number / E-mail address
    * School affiliation / information science program / Student ID
    * Proof of ASIS&T membership (e.g. ASIS&T member number, copy of
email receipt of payment, or photocopy of check canceled by ASIS&T



The ASIS&T Annual meeting is one of the most highly regarded meetings
in the information science field. It covers the breadth of activities
and endeavors

of the information community with technical sessions addressing
specialties of the information professional. The 2012 Annual Meeting,

Interaction, Innovation: Celebrating the Past, Constructing the
Present, and Creating the Future” takes place October 26-31, 2012 in
Baltimore, Maryland.

Papers should be submitted as attachments and sent by email to:

*You may join ASIS&T via the web at http://www.asis.org/membership.php
**Terms describing information science programs are varied: they may
be called: Library and Information Studies, Information Science and

Information and Library Science, Information Studies, etc.

Questions? Contact Beata at (617) 573-8541, e-mail: