Editing the Zenith/Nadir

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Editing the Zenith/Nadir Calvin McDonald 3/30/12 12:46 PM
I almost never need to do any Photoshop touch-up to the zenith/nadir.  I do with the present pano I'm working on.  Do any image editors understand spherical panos such that they will allow seamless editing near the zenith/nadir points and at the 360 junction?

Re: Editing the Zenith/Nadir Geoff - Spherical Visions 3/30/12 1:50 PM
Not directly but this add-on solves the problem http://www.superrune.com/technical/software_supercubic.php
it does a Cubic conversion and back on the fly as it where
Re: Editing the Zenith/Nadir Evgeniy Veldyaev 3/31/12 6:50 AM
This will help you:    http://www.superrune.com/technical/software_supercubic.php 

суббота, 31 марта 2012 г. 1:46:27 UTC+6 пользователь Calvin McDonald написал:
Re: Editing the Zenith/Nadir HighDesertView 4/1/12 3:12 PM
Hi Calvin,

I use PTGui, but I would think the following is possible in other pano software as well.  Basically, you use the pano software itself to load a "finished" pano and warp it such that it's easier to edit the nadir and zenith, and then you warp back and blend the two (original and fixed zenith/nadir) results together.  I've used this on several occasions now when I have a lot of linear details in the nadir direction that just won't line up.  Hint: never take handheld nadir shots of a deck!

Re: Editing the Zenith/Nadir Calvin McDonald 4/5/12 10:55 PM
Thanks for the tips!
I'm off digesting.


Re: Editing the Zenith/Nadir Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji 4/6/12 3:56 AM
Hi, pano2vr is very easy in my idea:)
You can make cubic conversion and have 6 flat photos of around,
nadir  and zenith.
Edit each you like.  Then put them together easily.
Just try to save files in maximum quality for not loosing it.

Regards,  Mohammad Reza