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panos not yet seen by GE

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panos not yet seen by GE Eric Belin 6/17/12 10:52 AM
Re: panos not yet seen by GE Elena Martínez - 360Cities 6/18/12 3:30 AM
Hello Eric,

Your panos are still in the Google Earth review queue.
Our developers performed an upgrade on our servers last week that had the unintended consequence of subtly breaking some functionality in the review process. This error has already been fixed, and we are reviewing again all the images that were affected, to make sure that they get assigned a correct status, both in 360Cities and in Google Earth. That's the reason because of you are waiting a little more for them to be reviewed.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.


Re: panos not yet seen by GE Eric Belin 6/18/12 3:53 AM
thank you for the answer.
 I will wait.