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My own Google Map Sascha Henke 9/23/12 12:08 PM
Hello everybody,
i tried to find a simular topic at the forum but my search words are not very useful.

I want to ask if it is possible to create my own map, like this one:
But only showing my own Panorama Photos. 
I am not the best programmer. 
Can someone give me a hint where to search for something like that?

My own Google Map Lastwolf 9/23/12 6:22 PM
Hello Sascha,

There are a number of ways to do this. One of the nice features 360cities offers is a KML file of your panorama locations. KML (Keyhole Markup Language) is the code used to display locations in Google Earth and can also be used to display a custom Google Map. You will find your custom KML file of your pano locations in the upper right hand corner of your profile page. It's the blue round icon next to the RSS icon. Click the GE icon and your pano locations will open in Google Earth. Obviously you need GE installed on your system. That file can be used to display a map. The easiest way to display a map would be to right click that blue icon and copy the link
location. Then go to and paste the link location into the search field and search. A Goggle map of your panos will be returned. You can then use the Goggle Map link icon to get the embed code for your website. This is a very basic way to accomplish what you want. For more custom solutions you should refer to tne Google Maps API





Re: My own Google Map Eric Belin 9/24/12 2:56 AM
hello Lastwolf and all
This function is interesting for me.
so I followed the process outlined but I have 3 problems:
- Some of my panos are poorly LBS (very far from the place I indicated)
- When they are in place, they are double.
- It appears all panos sector, even those who do not belong to me.

short, how to solve these problems with google? ....
nb: access by the normal path to GE for my panos (unlined, well located) is correct.
thank you for the help

Re: My own Google Map Eric Belin 9/24/12 4:48 AM
I corrected the problem of geolocation

Re: My own Google Map Eric Belin 9/24/12 4:50 AM

Le lundi 24 septembre 2012 13:48:18 UTC+2, eric belin a écrit :
I corrected the geolocation but it doesn't appear yet