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GoPro Hero2 Recommendations Roberto Ruiz 5/12/12 7:02 PM
This app is what I need for my bussiness, but I need to test it first.

I have the GoPro Hero2. What is the best resolution / configuration to take pano pictures?

Re: GoPro Hero2 Recommendations Joe Griffin 11/2/12 12:41 PM
Can you take still photos with the GoPro?  I think most folks here stich their panos with still photos using software such as PTGui or Hugin. 
The resolution you want depends in large measure on how wide angle your lens is.  For instance with a fisheye you want the highest resolution you can manage.  With longer lenses, and consequently more images to stich together, you can get by with lower resolution. 
You'll also need to figure out the no-paralax point of your GoPro, and you may have to rig something up to ensure you rotate around it properly.
Good luck, I think you may want to do a little more research on the internet into how these panoramas are made.