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Re: You asked: Multiple problems with no explanation. UncleVinnys 5/21/12 6:52 AM
Thanks that helps.
Ah, yes, as usual the primary difficulty is my impatience!
There was a common phrase in Silicon Valley for such problems.
It was summarized in "RTFM" which stands for "Read the Manual!" though for the life of me
I cannot remember what the "F" stand for.
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Anyway, let me reply to your issues:

1. This might be a problem with your ISP. We do not get this question much, and Panomonkey is otherwise working fine for everyone else, as far as I know. I'm sorry to give you a "it might be your problem not ours" answer, but that's what it seems like at this point.
2. / 3. this is related to 1. if the files upload correctly there should not be a need for this.
4. there IS a delete button. it is on the top right of the pano preview on "my panoramas" page.


On Thursday, May 17, 2012 1:08:32 AM UTC+2, UncleVinnys wrote:
I received an email asking "How is it working for you?"
Answer: Not too swift.

1. I get "HTTP" error on some uploads. What does that mean? How do I correct it?
2. I have 10 photos for a pano 1, and uploaded the first 5.
Whoops, it tries to make a separate photo out of those.
3. How 'bout a new FOLDER for each set of uploads, say 10 for one pano in folder 1, 8 in second pano for folder 2 etc.
Right now some of the 10 photos are in three separate uploads. The only correct upload is the last upload where all 10 went at once.
4. How 'bout another options button: Buy, Straighten, DELETE!!!!!

Very frustrating lack of instructions, but I'm not giving up yet.