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re-evaluate the status.

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re-evaluate the status. Alexander Ruttgers 7/26/12 3:53 AM
 Would you consider this pano again to get published in Google Earth Layer:,1.00,90.0
Because >> 
These panoramas will NOT be selected for Google Earth:
  • Family, personal or posed shots. Generally, panoramas with people will not be selected unless the people are an unavoidable part of the location.


I think that it is obviuos that I could not have made this shot without me, my wife and my son on it. There was not more space on this rock.

I knew that it is allway's tricky with people/faces on a pano, so that's why I askd them to look away from the camera.


Have a nice day!





Re: re-evaluate the status. Elena Martínez - 360Cities 7/26/12 9:26 AM

Hello Alexander,

Yes, sometimes is not easy to do the selection process as you can understand. And the reason why your panorama hasn't been selected is because of the people on it, you know perfectly. 
As you think people are unavoidable in this panorama. But Google Earth team has though that the could be avoidable (like they could be behind a tree or a rock...). 

Of course I understand your reasons too.