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Why not selected for GE?

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Why not selected for GE? TaroTsubomura 5/23/12 8:00 AM

I have uploaded two of my panorama shooting annular eclipse scene, but they have not selected for GE.
Although some people are seen in the photo, we cannot recognize almost all the people's face, and it is unavoidable because many people have been gathered to see the wonderful astronomical event. 
The latter pano seems to be dark, but the photo shows the diminished sunlight during the eclipse.
Such panos cannot be shot on the central Japan until 2035. I am very happy if you have selected them for GE.  Or please give me an advise how to improve them.  Thank you for your work. 

Taro Tsubomura
Re: Why not selected for GE? Elena Martínez Bocos 5/23/12 8:42 AM
Dear Taro,

I have checked your panoramas and now they are selected for GE. I understand your reasons.
This is my first message in the forum as 360cities team member.

Best regards,
Re: Why not selected for GE? TaroTsubomura 5/24/12 6:59 AM
Dear Elena,

Thank you very much for your prompt and kind reply.  The above message is actually my first 
post.  Enjoy your work and take care of yourself!!