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It´s better to mask people?

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It´s better to mask people? Roberto Ruiz 6/13/12 5:16 PM
In order to understand the panos that are selected for GE, is it better to mask people, faces, etc?

Regarding people; what you think?
Re: It´s better to mask people? Elena Martínez - 360Cities 6/14/12 4:41 AM
Hello Robeto,

It would depend on how many people are in the photo and if they are obviously posing. So if, for example, it was group of people at a party or wedding that were posing for the camera, it would not be accepted for Google Earth - even if their faces were blurred. 

If there are a few people in the photo that are not posing, and if the image is otherwise fine, it would be accepted for GE whether the faces were blurred or not.