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Tentative Format Zine Fair Schedule

Simon Gray May 21, 2012 8:36 PM
Posted in group: Australian Zines and Small Press
Hi useful zine people,

Had a meeting at Format last week, scheduling our festival.
Dates have moved to stop competing with our crazy busy festival season
in Adelaide, now adjusting for a few smaller local festivals.
We'll be running over a week, bookended with accompanying weekends in
the end of September, start of October.
Good news is we're not clashing with Sticky's Festival of the Photocopier.
Instead I'm thrilled to announce we're possibly clashing a bit with
TINA. Our zine fair during the festival will be held on Sunday the 7th
of October.
I've checked, & the labour day holiday weekend is the week before, which
is when TINA's fair is normally. But there was a chance we were going to
have our zine fair clashing with TINA's, which got a little bit exciting.

You may have to choose, damn that would be exciting.
Just giving you kids a heads up.

Simon Gray
Format Zine Shop