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Re: TiNA zine market this year

Tim T Aug 21, 2012 9:46 PM
Posted in group: Australian Zines and Small Press
Okay, another questions for the oldies - I know, vaguely, that the zine fair was one of the original TiNA events. Was it originally a guerilla event or did it have some sort of official sanction?
I'm interested in the history here - how something could go from being an extremely cheap (or was it free?) event to something considerably more expensive than other zine fairs.

On Tuesday, 21 August 2012 11:32:41 UTC+10, Vanessa Berry wrote:
Hi Zine Folks, 
The zines stalls at the TiNA fair this year are $45, plus you need your own public liability insurance - what do you think about this? Is is affecting your decision to have a stall or to attend TiNA? I wrote to the organisers about it and they told me "It's not the TiNA of ten years ago" - so I am trying not to feel too much like an old whinger. Still, I think it's discouraging and kind of kills the zine community aspect of the fair, which was what was good about it in the first place.