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Re: TiNA zine market this year

KJE Aug 23, 2012 4:27 AM
Posted in group: Australian Zines and Small Press
Bravo to Luke for taking the initiative!

What the organisers need to understand is that many young writers cut their teeth writing zines. Us oldies could name many zinesters from back in the day who are now scholars, published authors and active freelance writers and bloggers. Zines matter.. so a fair that respects the ethos of the zine community matters as well. The values at the heart of the community are no different (in my view) to that of punk rock - it's all about participation, and therefore in order to honour the value of participation, all events associated with the community must be as accessible as possible.

ok, no more ranting about this from me. as others have suggested, if we are dissatisfied with TINA then lets get behind the other zine fairs such as Format who are for real.

- Kelly