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Re: [zines aus] TiNA zine market this year

Candace Aug 22, 2012 6:01 AM
Posted in group: Australian Zines and Small Press
While this is disappointing, it's sadly not the most surprising thing. The EWF hasn't had a zine fair for a while, but a 'page parlour' that is so broad in definition that it could be entirely without zines and nobody would blink. It seems TINA has just turned into something else and it's not entirely due to the financial issues, but part and parcel with the attitude of whoever's left running it. I suppose zines aren't important to them, or something they even think about or know much about. Otherwise they wouldn't be doing this. I haven't been since the  car boot garage sale zine fair, which had to me a disproportionate amount of craft already. I don't intend to go this year either. Or the next. or the next. Really, it's not worth the trip to me. If I lived in NSW I might, but even then. Meh.
I think that MCA, Sticky's zine fairs and Format's are more relavent these days. If I am going to scrounge my meagre funds to go interstate, it'll be to Sydney or Adelaide, not Newcastle.

xx Candace

On 22 August 2012 22:43, Eloise Peace <> wrote:
Hey Simon, that's very interesting. I also think it's crap that Sticky
should have to "fundraise" money from artists to buy $45 tables to
give to artists. What's the point of that? Why is TINA so precious
that it needs to have Sticky try and buy all tables upfront to
recirculate for free? It all seems so stupid. Sorry, TINA, you've lost
me, and anyone who is trying to enable this crap! arg! In the end it's
always the artist who has to pay upfront / donate their work for
fundraisers / etc. Nobody sticks up for the zinester. it's alll
shiiiiiiittttt. elle.

On Wed, Aug 22, 2012 at 8:55 PM, Simon Gray <> wrote:
> TINA were going to charge this same fee last year, except NYWF asked me to
> co-ordinate the fair. This was in conjunction with TINA's rep Justine who I
> found out about later along with a briefing that explained the stalls would
> cost the stupidly high fee.
> When Justine called to say hi, I immediately gave her an angry pig-headed
> vent about the stall price & she hung up on me. My next contact with
> TINA/Justine was receiving the news that TINA or NYWF (can't remember which)
> would be subsidising the stall fee for the zinesters, hence last year's
> prices. On the day of the fair Justine & I got on OK & worked hard to set
> things up & pack things down.
> After dealing with last year's TINA organisers, myself & Justine debriefed
> after that fair & agreed we probably weren't going to be involved this year.
> Our liasons with TINA hadn't been good, & I never got any renumeration for
> whatever work I had done within my mismanaged role. (Justine's role meant I
> merely forwarded zinester interest to her.)
> Presumably, whoever's left to pick up pieces for TINA 2012 have outsourced
> fair organisers again from even further afield than anything resembling the
> zine community, apparently this is the Fixx crew. & They operate on a
> different economy to & in ignorance of zine fair requirements.
> From this experience, & having attended TINA many years, for the entirety of
> the festival not just the fair Sunday, I think TINA has become a weaker
> festival, it's core leadership has moved on to other projects & it's
> organisation has fragmented. It could get better it could get even worse.
> But I think the MCA fair has usurped TINA in size & as a zine community
> specific event for that part of the country, it's organised by consistent
> staff who have listened to zinester feedback inside a rain-proof venue that
> has it's own liability insurance, not a public car park.
> Luke from Sticky worked as hard as me setting up & packing down the tables
> last year at TINA, he also e-mailed me about this prior to this going nutso
> in this e-mail list. He is really angry but has also embraced an idea I'd
> had when faced with $45 zine stalls. He's organising funding to buy all the
> stalls & then let zinesters have them for free. I will support him
> financially but don't expect myself or Format to be at TINA, we kind of have
> our own hot-damn Format festival going on at the same time.
> & Yes come to the Format Zine fair instead on October 7, our tables are free
> for zinesters.
> Cheerio lovelies, shame it's taken a shitty situation to come out the
> woodwork & chat.
> Simon Gray
> Tim T wrote:
>> Thanks Keren - I reckon it's still a zine fair in spite of the increased
>> fees and insurance, etc. It's just not necessarily a good or desirable zine
>> fair anymore though.
>> On Tuesday, 21 August 2012 11:32:41 UTC+10, Vanessa Berry wrote:
>>> Hi Zine Folks,  The zines stalls at the TiNA fair this year are $45, plus
>>> you need your own public liability insurance - what do you think about this?
>>> Is is affecting your decision to have a stall or to attend TiNA? I wrote to
>>> the organisers about it and they told me "It's not the TiNA of ten years
>>> ago" - so I am trying not to feel too much like an old whinger. Still, I
>>> think it's discouraging and kind of kills the zine community aspect of the
>>> fair, which was what was good about it in the first place. Vanessa.
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