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Elle Jul 7, 2011 5:10 AM
Posted in group: Australian Zines and Small Press
Hey Emma has made a really good point, as per miss helen, about the
goodness of the golden staple awards raising the profile of zines you
might not otherwise have come across, BECAUSE of the way small circles
of zinemakers operate. So good point. And true, it's a pisstake
competition thing, so I'm going to one extreme in my thinking.
I guess the problem with the golden staple awards is that
-it's going to be super hard to get to read all the nominated zines,
because there's no organised way to access their work
-only friends will be aware of other friends works, so it's more
likely that if this becomes an annual event, it's going to be the same
names coming up each year, the same people voting for the same people.

I guess what would make it better would be some organised way for the
golden staples to make the zines accessible to anyone who wants to
take part, in fact that's the best possible outcome, maybe a mail
order pack you can buy from format that contain all the nominations?
so people are being exposed to titles they wouldn't otherwise? In
which case it's a positive thing.

but it comes back to...only the people knowing about the nominated
zines/zinemakers who are likely to vote, like the whole thing is
encouraging cliques rather than breaking them down.

Like Simon has pointed out, the whole thing is optional, and designed
to raise the profile of zines and like others have said, it's a piss
take, so I'm overthinking the whole thing. It's a classic Eloise
moment. "Enjoy".

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> Eloise Peace <> Jul 06 09:19PM +1000 ^
> There's something about voting for your zine mates in a popularity
> contest that makes me feel distinctly uncomfortable. And it
> feels...nepotistic. I may just be in my own isolated bubble feeling
> this. One of the hard things for me with zines is always being alert
> to avoiding falling into self contained circles or cliques. We're all
> guilty of this to a certain degree, it comes with any small sub
> culture. For me, a competition like this just reinforces a crappy
> notion of zine celebrity. Like a "who's hot who's not". Which for me
> is really distasteful. Am I alone in this? Just wondering what others
> thought?
> Miss Helen <> Jul 06 10:00PM +1000 ^
> Thanks Elle.
> To me, zines are so NOT about competition that I can't help but take
> it light heartedly, while still respecting Simon Grey and his zine
> related adventures!
> I think being in self contained circles is something that I love about
> zines- that your zine doesn't need to reach everyone, it doesn't have
> to be in every shop that wants to sell zines, that you can cast the
> nest big or keep it small.
> Zine celebrity, to me, is always a bit of a crock, because the most
> beautiful part of the whole zine process, to me, is so quiet and slow
> and private. Making them in your bedroom, quietly photocopying and
> collating them, making a quiet personal connection with readers on a
> very deep level.
> Anyone else? If you're reading, please feel free to chime in. We are
> australian zine culture. You *are* qualified to voice your opinion, so
> do, if you wanna!
> --
> Simon Gray <> Jul 07 10:07AM +0930 ^
> Perhaps I should stress in response to Eloise's message that voting is
> optional, as was nominating. People/zines who want to avoid this kind of
> attention can & are. There are loads more zines produced in the past 12
> months that were never nominated, as much as I hope they had the chance
> to hear about the golden stapler awards, even as amazing & award
> deserving I thought various zines to be, they're not listed out of their
> choice.
> & They can remain content in their shy cliques, away from the glory I
> think they deserve as zine makers.
> Simon
> Eloise Peace wrote:
> Emma Davidson <> Jul 07 11:03AM +1000 ^
> like helen, when simon sent his call out i thought it was such a silly idea
> it could only really be taken lightheartedly. elle's comment has made me
> feel a bit embarrassed to have been nominated, because i certainly don't
> want to seem like i'm seriously, blood-thirstily competing with my zine
> making comrades to be top banana. i can see where she's coming from, but
> would anyone really be treating this as a way of competing their way to the
> top of the zine scene? how could they, when no such thing exists, at least
> not in the unified way she suggests. for me, this is evidenced in the fact
> that i haven't heard of many of the people/zines in this first round of
> nominations. that says a lot about my own involvement with zines, but also
> confirms, i think, what helen says about zines already existing in contained
> circles. so maybe this competition (which is really only as competitive as
> say, trying to win best costume at a fancy dress party) will be a way of
> demonstrating how diverse the australian zine community/communities is/are,
> and hopefully allowing some of those more shy zinesters to nominate/vote for
> themsleves and their friends so that the usual suspects don't get a shoe in.
> if it does do that, it will be a good thing. if it doesn't, i don't think it
> will do any harm.
> oh, sorry if this got a bit long! xEmma d
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