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Re: Coming Soon: The Dark Player for Embeds

ceasar Aug 6, 2011 7:37 AM
Posted in group: YouTube APIs Developer Forum
I have noticed it and I must say that this is not good news. This will affect so many websites. but I don't think I can complain here because you won't listen anyway.
Why not the light version as an default so people won't see such a big difference ?
Please explain a little more so we can adjust the player the right way 
There are severall embed methods
1. the iframe. Will player=3 and player=2 still work. If so will that be the grey version ?
2. Object method. same question as above.
You speak about the color settings. are these different as the one we used with the player2 version ?
Values: Any RGB value in hexadecimal format. color1 is the primary border color, and color2 is the video control bar background color and secondary border color.
Please shine some light on this so we can repair the players before wednesday
One remark.
I think the black player (also the new grey one) is a step backwards to the original version3.
It doesn't look profi but more like a game player for children.
If you still want to hire people I am still availible because it looks like that at this moment youtube doesn't have the quality designers and programmers such a great website as youtube deserves.