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Re: How to add the field to custom post types?

Dominic Apr 27, 2011 9:30 PM
Posted in group: yak-discuss
Add this to your functions.php

*shop_products* refers to whatever you named your custom-post-type
when you created it.

Or, you can see the full code at my never-used blog:
It also includes creating a custom post type specifically for this
purpose (with it's own categories) and a bit of magic that hides the
default Yak category thats used for product variations (so your
categories don't get clogged up with "small-red", "medium-blue" and so

// used in the custom post type "register_meta_box_cb" callback to
function custom_yak_meta_box() {
        add_meta_box('yak','YAK Product
Details','yak_editproduct','shop_products','advanced'); // !!!

// Remove yak box from posts and pages
function remove_yak_meta_box() {

add_action('admin_menu', 'remove_yak_meta_box');