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Re: XMind Questionnaire

Geekess Aug 22, 2011 11:20 PM
Posted in group: XMind User Forum
Thank you for the questionaire (even though it's an old post). 

Things I like/don't like:
I really like Xmind for its customizability (if that's even a word). Using keystrokes to quickly create a mindmap without touching a mouse is a marvel. Love it. Exports are OK, other programs have better quality exports ánd better looking styles. For me its a trade-off: keyboard or goodlooking.

But... after buying the software, I did feel some severe disappointment in the "pro" features. Export quality isn't better, the export to word doesn't work at all for my older Word version at work and the export templates are not customizable (and that's a MUST HAVE for me). Styles are extractable, yes, but you can't define them as a globally used theme. I don't understand the function of the themes that XMind supplies... you cant really build a theme with conditional formatting (also a must have).

The whole floating topic & relations thing is awfully buggy. Try and select multiple floating topics and move them a bit (all together). Positioning them is even more of a bother.

Feature requests:
I would like to see the following (had expected them already when I switched to pro, which was a big let down for me):

  • - Make exports more customizable: XML templates for Word/PPT/PDF export
  • - Conditional styles
  • - Grouping together styles into a theme
  • - Export to clickable (expand/collapse) maps in PDF and/of SWF
  • - Better customizable branches (tapering possible for *all* branches)
  • - Novamind coloring options (ability to select rainbow coloring or tonal variation and have branches automatically styled by that option)
  • - Better flowchart functions (yes yes it's a mindmapping program, but those two are closely connected in my workflow and working with relations is just not convenient at the moment)
  • - Move topics with cursor keys (or any keys at all)
  • - Custom spacing between branches
  • - Custom placement for branches of *all* types and styles, and not only for the first level
  • - Ability to hide the central topic (useful when creating flowcharts)
  • - Ability to edit the label font (family, size, color, background)
  • - More line and arrowstyles
  • - More gradienttypes, custom colors