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Checkout pages are 1 gigantic link

Shelly K. Apr 6, 2012 12:20 PM
Posted in group: WordPress Austin

After a person selects Add to Cart and goes to the Checkout/Shopping
Cart pages - all of the space on each of the checkout pages is a link
back to the home page.
So clicking to enter city or phone number into a field just redirects
back to the home page.

Of course, this is very annoying. No one can checkout and purchase.

I used Bugzilla and see <a href> statements are put in every line
dynamically, I don't know how to get to a setup or config. that
controls this.

This is the second cart plugin I've tried. Both behave the same.
Could it be a a java or jquerry or other form setting somewhere?

Please advise. This has been plaguing for too long. And The Shopping
Cart is the last step and the site can go LIVE.

Thank you, Shelly K.

Weaver II - theme (breadcrumbs off - this setting from TheCartPress
TheCartPress - shopping cart

Here is some code from a checkout page - which is created dynamically
with a shortcode via TheCartPress.

<body class="page page-id-683 page-child parent-pageid-682 page-
template page-template-onecolumn-page-php logged-in admin-bar">
<div id="wrapper" class="hfeed">
<a href=""
<div id="main">
<a href=""
title=""> </a>
<div id="container" class="one-column">
<a href=""
title=""> </a>
<div id="content">
<a href=""
title=""> </a>