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Speaker updates and Planning meeting tomorrow@praized

Jeremy Clarke Jun 29, 2009 11:18 AM
Posted in group: WordCamp Montreal
Hey guys, its' getting close to the big day and I've been taking care
of some business:

We'll be having a planning meeting at Praized HQ tomorrow to discuss
the various issues that are coming up. If you are interested please
join us, whether you want to help plan or just want to be a volunteer.
If you can't make it we'll try to make detailed notes and post them

Time: Tuesday June 29 4pm (16:00h)
Place: Praized HQ, 460 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, (514) 312-3893

 Updated with an organized list of speakers. It's running off of
plugin code that has all the speakers organized in an array with their
data so that we can print them on demand. I haven't designed the
actual hourly schedule yet but it will link back and forth to the long
 Added this post requesting more people to apply for presentation
slots. Assuming we have two speakers at a time and that each slot is 1
hour (45 min for pres and 15 min for questions/break) and that we go
from 10-5 with a 1 hour lunch there are 24 slots for speakers. Right
now we have 9 confirmed speakers, which puts us pretty far behind. I
think some of that space can be taken up by animated discussions (I
can probably do a few) on different topics related to WP. Hopefully
we'll also get some more speakers to fill the space. If we're still
missing some we can identify talks that are interesting to everyone
and run them without competition.

We've currently sold only 63 tickets. I think we'll probably get a lot
of walk-ins and people registering in the last week, but it makes it
hard to predict tshirt sizes and food. I'm making a fresh push on
twitter and facebook to get people to register before we order shirts.

Jeremy Clarke
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