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Re: TRAINS tariff (European aggregates and HS)

Hiroaki Kuwahara Mar 13, 2012 6:56 AM
Posted in group: witsforum
Yes, you are right.  EU adopts new HS revision as soon as it is made
available.  That is, from 1996-2001 HS96, 2002-2006 HS2002, and from
2007 onward, HS2007.  But you no not need to worry about it as in
TRAINS, all HS revisions are combined into what is called "HS
Combined".  If you choose a 6-digit code for 2005 which is only
introduced in 2007, you simply get no data.

On Mar 11, 12:11 am, wrote:
> Hi. I am using TRAINS tariff data (Ad valorem and AV equivalents) from
> Quick search --> Tariff view and export raw data. I have two
> questions: (1) I guess that data for the European Union refer to EU15
> until 2004, EU25 until 2007, and EU27 later on. Is that right? So for
> instance a given tariff in 2003 refers to EU15, while the tariff in
> 2006 refers to EU25, etc? (2) What revision of the Harmonized System
> the used classification for the tariff lines refer to? Many thanks.