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Re: [webc] New function: Static and DHCP IP settings

hendry Aug 1, 2012 3:31 AM
Posted in group: Webconverger Users
On 1 August 2012 10:15, Kai <> wrote:
> it's not really easy to read and use. So would it be possible that you
> create a converter "ip=XX netmask=XX gateway=XX" to Debian Live format?

I guess so, though the API ip= would obviously conflict with ip= of
live-boot's functionality and I'm not that convinced it's "easier to
use". If something is left out, it will be a problem. It also
pollutes/clutters the busy cmdline.

IIUC live-boot tries to implement the "mimick   official   kernel
boot  param  specification". I'm not sure where this specification
actually lives.;a=blob_plain;f=manpages/en/live-boot.7
is the latest doc. Which is hard to read unless run through troff,
like so:

              Let you specify the name(s) and the options of the
              interface(s) that should be configured at boot time. Do
              not specify this if you want to use dhcp (default). It
              will be changed in a future release to mimick official
              kernel boot param specification (e.g.

The example is misleading. I'm not sure what AUTOCONF means. Anyway it
would be good try use this instead and let us know where it falls
down, functionality wise.

> My use case is that I have to create one image for several universities and
> hospitals with different DHCP and static IP configurations. Therefor I
> created a boot menu with entries for each institute.


Thanks for the input!