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Splitting web4j in half - request for comments

John O'Hanley Feb 26, 2011 11:50 AM
Posted in group: web4j-users

I'm considering splitting web4j into 2 jars.

The problem: the database/sql tools in web4j are pretty good. I, and
others, would like to be able to easily use those tools in non-web
- command line applications
- Swing applications

However, that's not currently very easy. The reason is a design flaw
in web4j - the data layer tools have knowledge of ServletConfig, for
config information.

There are other aspects of config in general that I would like to
improve as well, to allow people to place config somewhere else than
the web.xml file.

The idea is to split off the code that deals with 2 things :
- model objects (SafeText, Decimal, and so on)
- transferring these model objects into and out of a relational
database (the data layer)

IF that is done, however, then it's natural to use new package names,
corresponding to the new jar. Thus,


might become instead :


For existing apps, that's not the end of the world, but it is a
significant amount of pain, in order to change the imports to the
changed package names.

How would you feel about this sort of change, if this were done?

 - John