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Re: Allow both '/' and '\\' as trailing separator for LoggingDirectory

Thomas Hallgren Apr 5, 2012 2:06 PM
Posted in group: web4j-users
I'm using a Linux box. My collegue is using a Windows box. We collaborate on source checked in to a SCM and use a relative path for the log. I use 'logs/'. My collegue has to use 'logs\' or web4j will complain since \ is the path separator on windows. So every time something changes in the web.xml, we run into problems with this setting.

This is dilemma is unnecessary since the accepts both forms on windows.

- thomas

On 04/05/2012 10:51 PM, John O'Hanley wrote:
Could you explain more about the problem? It's not clear what exactly you mean. Are you referring to diffferent dev hosts or prod hosts? How does it become a nuisance exactly?
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