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Ethan McCutchen Feb 15, 2012 1:36 PM
Posted in group: Wagneers
We got a ton of help on getting Wagn 1.8 out. I wanted to say thanks for all the contributions, especially:
  • Gerry Gleason worked tirelessly on this release, and by the time we'd gotten it out, he was already hard at work on the next ones.  He's accounted for 750 commits in the master branch, and when we get his future work pulled in, he'll be our third member of the 1000 commit club!
  • After our pre-release, Pieter Vijfvinkel found some issues with our new uploading system, and he patiently endured round after round of browser tests and re-migrations as we struggled together to fix the problems.  1.8 is a much more robust release thanks to his help.
  • We also had a few bugs with the new-and-improved navbox, which Patrick Roza spotted, reported, and helped re-test when he deployed the prerelease.
  • Long-time wagn designer and team member John Abbe brought renewed energy to the project, doing several rounds of testing on the above issues and several others and suggesting several key design improvements.
  • Aaron Nelson and Lewis Hoffman helped us get off on the right foot in getting Wagn ready for it's new cloud-friendly hosting architecture.
  • Jean Russell and the rest of our all volunteer board of directors continued to offer stellar support and guidance.
Thank you all!

- ethan

Ethan McCutchen
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