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An important announcement to the Vert.x community

Tim Fox Jan 8, 2013 5:12 AM
Posted in group: vert.x
Dear Vert.x Community,

As many of you already know I left VMware at the end of December and started at Red Hat last week.

In the spirit of open source and as a commitment to the Vert.x community I had expected (perhaps naively) that VMware would continue to let me continue to administer the Vert.x project after I had left their employment.

On the 28th December I received a letter from VMware lawyers (delivered to my door in person, no less!) that I must immediately give up and transfer to VMware all administrative rights over the following things: The Vert.x github project, the Vert.x google group, the domain and the Vert.x blog.

In response I proposed that VMware give me permission (i.e. grant a license) for me to continue to use the Vert.x trademark and domain after I left their employment. This proposal was refused.

There were further talks between VMW and RHT which failed to come to a better solution.

I am legally obliged to respect VMware's IP. Therefore to avoid litigation I have done the following:

1. Transfer ownership of the vertx domain to VMware
2. Transfer ownership of the Vert.x blog to VMware
3. Transfer ownership of the vert-x organisation in github to VMware
4. Transfer ownership of the vert.x Google Group to Vmware

This means I am no longer administrator of any of the above, although I am still able to "manage" the google group and commit to the projects under the vert-x umbrella.

I am very concerned about this turn of events, as I understand it creates uncertainty in the Vert.x community.

For now, I will continue leading the Vert.x community the best I can under these restrictions, but we, as a community need to consider what this means for the future of Vert.x and what is the best way to take the project forward.

I don't have the answers to that right now, but there are several options. I would like to make sure we have some kind of concensus in the community before jumping to a conclusion.

I am deeply committed to you as a community, and I would love to continue leading Vert.x, in one form or another, to the next generation. The 1.x series of Vert.x has stoked a huge amount of interest, and the future looks incredibly bright for 2.0. I am hugely excited about the opportunities there, and I believe that you share this excitement. 2013 is potentially a huge year for Vert.x, and I want to share that journey with you.