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new release of Seaside integration for JQueryMobile

Nick Ager Oct 26, 2011 4:38 AM
Posted in group: VA Smalltalk

I've released a new version of the Seaside integration for jQueryMobile -

The release is available for Pharo and VASt

The new release incorporates support for events and scripting as well as improves the documentation.

Now for the brave souls who tried out the initial release, thanks for the feedback, and I'm afraid to say I've made a few changes to the API.  Basically the work I've incorporated to enable scripting meant that I had to generate template markup for pages and I realised that it meant that there was really no need for decorators. Hopefully the end result is simpler code.

If I've done my work correctly. You should be able to take your Seaside components, register them with:


and your components should be JQueryMobile-ified - Of course you'll need to rework the UI and interaction - the point is you can use your existing knowledge to target a new platform (html generation, form submission, attaching event handlers etc)

Some useful links:
mobile specific events (e.g. touch events, rotation etc):

What's new
Updated from RC1 to RC2 JQueryMobile.
Scripting and Event support
Fixes to issues that have arisen since the initial release.
Improved documentation
RESTful functional test suite.
Reduced flicker between page transitions
Session based element id generation.