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Re: May Meeting (Date/content Change)

Helena Edelson May 9, 2012 1:48 PM
Posted in group: Utah Scala Enthusiasts
Request a sponsor (TekSystems, Consultnet, etc) to buy one for the group.

On 5/9/12 2:34 PM, "Aaron A" <> wrote:

>Hey Mike,
>That would be amazing. We would only need it from 5:30PM till about
>7:30PM at the Draper library.
>If you had to get it back to em by 8:30 though you might miss the
>dinner we have afterwards.
>If not we can White board what we got and try and setup the group a bit
>I know we are still trying to find a more static place to have these
>meetings and I know the vote is to
>continue having it near the Sandy and Draper area.