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Great Meeting Last night

Aaron A Jun 14, 2012 11:57 AM
Posted in group: Utah Scala Enthusiasts
Thanks to those that showed up. 
Minus my presentation the conversation is very much worth the getting together.

A bit of a Recap for those that couldn't make it.
We brought up the location situation once again and it's still looking nearly 50/50 between
staying in Draper/Sandy or going to Salt Lake. Being nearly a 2 hour drive for those coming from the North due to hitting the traffic jam of everyone going home, I think we might wanna focus strongly on having the meeting in Salt Lake.
We had a new comer, Merrick Christensen that brought with him an intense interest in Scala which always drives everyone to be insanely helpful.
I gave a presentation on Play2.0 with Scala. Was pretty brief and I had no idea how 
many of us have already been diving into Play.

Really enjoy seeing new faces too. They tend to bring with them amazing knowledge
and it's always fascinating to hear their questions they have about Scala and it really drives the focus of the group in good directions.

Thank you a ton guys and I look forward to many more months of Scala with you all.

-Aaron Allred