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Umbraco URL's larger than 260 characters

Dick Gennissen Jan 13, 2012 5:49 AM
Posted in group: UrlRewritingNet
Dear URL rewriters,

As I am working with Umbraco on a very high profile website in the
Netherlands with Umbraco, I noticed an issue in the URL rewriting
When a URL is larger than 260 characters, the rewrite-module gives an
error because the filesystem cannot handle paths longer than 260

I have altered the private void OnBeginRequest(object sender,
EventArgs e) in the UrlRewriteModule.cs so it uses a try catch

Now setting the setting rewriteOnlyVirtualUrls to false, makes sure
the long URLs are not giving an error.

Can you tell me if the rewrite engine will have a fix for this in the


Dick Gennissen