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Re: [UKHAS] Re: Possible ANU / BUZZ / CLOUD Launch - 5/5/2012

David Akerman May 5, 2012 6:55 AM
Posted in group: UKHAS
More details on the our flights from Elsworth (Cambs) on Sunday:

Steve (rocketboy) is flying a XABEN payload at 9am BST
Dave (number10) is flying ANU at 9:30am BST.  As it's Dave's first flight I'm adding one of my CLOUD trackers underneath.  No doubt it will be my one that goes wrong ... :-)
Then I will be flying BUZZ at 10:00am BST.

The early flights are because the the same site will have rocket launches later in the day, in theory from 10am, and we don't want to share the sky, or land, with those things!

Expected flight figures are 5m/s and 33km for ANU/CLOUD, and 5m/s and 39km for BUZZ.  ANU and BUZZ have cameras.

Telemetry details are:

ANU:  434.075MHz USB, 425Hz, 50/7/N/1
CLOUD:  434.200MHz USB, 480Hz, 50/7/N/2
BUZZ: 434.650MHz USB, 425Hz, 50/7/N/2

Not sure about Steve's payload details yet.

With all the flights up at the same time (these 3 plus Michael's Mondo flight), we all do need plenty of trackers up out of bed on Sunday morning, please!