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Walt Davidson Apr 23, 1996 12:00 AM
Posted in group: (Ariel Radio Group, London) wrote:

>The Ariel Radio Group is notorious for snapping up callsigns with the
>letters "BBC", and to date only G1BBC, G(W?)4BBC and G5BBC have escaped our
>grasp.  You may not be surprised that even GB7BBC has fallen into our
>clutches !

Ha ha!  Yes, I note you also hold G2LO and G5XX (London and Daventry),
which is fair enough as both callsigns were shown as BBC Broadcasting
Stations in the 1923 callbook!  (minus the G prefix, of course).  Also
G3AYC, which I think was the original Ariel Radio Group callsign.

>The group is an association of "Ariel Radio Clubs", most of which are a
>section of a regional BBC Club, although the London group has four club
>stations and publishes the newsletter.

Nice loophole!

>The group's current special project is GB60BBC celebrating 60 years of the
>television service.  

I know ... I have been trying to find this station on the air, but have
failed so far.  I believe it was aired from S. Wales a few days ago, but
nothing heard here.  Never mind ... I managed to work 25 Marconi Day
stations on Saturday, including one at the site of "2 Emma Toc" which
was a Broadcasting Station before the BBC started!

The callsign G2MT was reissued and is now held by an individual radio

73 de G3NYY
(Holder of only one Club Call ... M0ADJ)

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