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Re: Tunnelblick deletes all the tun devices when disconnecting

mp Feb 27, 2012 1:52 AM
Posted in group: tunnelblick-discuss
> If you uncheck the "Use Tunnelblick tun/tap drivers" in the "Advanced"
> settings window, Tunnelblick will assume the tun/tap device(s) are already
> loaded and it will not load or unload them.

Great! I will uncheck this option in all of my configurations (quite

Could what follows have sense?

Have this option (Use Tunnelblick tun/tap drivers) ALSO at application
Then, at the level of a single configuration a three-option drop down
could be used: Use default, Use Tunnelblick tun/tap drivers, Don't use
Tunnelblick tun/tap drivers.