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Re: Configuration deployment failure

Tunnelblick developer Dec 20, 2012 2:55 AM
Posted in group: tunnelblick-discuss
Each .tblk can contain only one .conf or .ovpn file. See Files Contained in a Tunnelblick VPN Configuration.

On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 8:05 AM, casey dunn <> wrote:
Hi there.

Tunnelblick 3.2.8 for OS X 10.6.8

I am finding that a directory of conf files & certs is not importing into Tunnelblick on my machine.

I am bilding a directory, appending .tblk to the end and double clicking.

The console log:

12/19/12 1:59:03 PM    Tunnelblick[65304]    Replaced 'Launch Tunnelblick' link in Configurations folder; now links to /Applications/
12/19/12 1:59:03 PM    Tunnelblick[65304]    Setting program update feedURL to
12/19/12 2:00:25 PM    Tunnelblick[65304]    Unable to copy /Users/casey/Desktop/aa_VPN.tblk/ to /var/folders/s8/s8u2nlgbEIaddzOx+Y7qtU+++TM/-Tmp-/TunnelblickTemporaryDotTblk-XkybB7/aa_VPN.tblk/Contents/Resources/config.ovpn
12/19/12 2:00:30 PM    Tunnelblick[65304]    DEBUG: Updater: systemVersion 10.6.8 satisfies minimumSystemVersion 10.4.0

permissions look good.

I removed the 'offending' .conf only to have another one in that file be reported.
the .conf files are plaintext and don't look to have any chaff.

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