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Tunnelblick 3.2.3 is available

Tunnelblick Developer Jan 26, 2012 12:28 PM
Posted in group: tunnelblick-announce
Tunnelblick 3.2.3 is available forĀ download.
  • Fixes a security vulnerability in OpenSSL by updating to OpenSSL version 1.0.0g. See for details.
  • Fixes a bug that sometimes caused repeated restarts of a connection when the search domain changed after the connection was established.
  • "Deployed" versions that update from the Tunnelblick website always update to unsigned versions to avoid problems with the OS X Keychain.
  • Fixes some French localization.
  • At launch, if Tunnelblick is updating from the official Tunnelblick site and has an invalid digital signature (for example, the program is a Deployed version or has been modified in some other way by the user), an update to an _unsigned_ version of Tunnelblick will be offered immediately -- even if the user has turned off automatic updates -- unless the "updateCheckAutomatically" preference is being forced to false or the user is not an administrator and the "onlyAdminCanUpdate' preference is false or not present.