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Summary of CB10 (Bay Ridge) Transportation Committee meeting, 6/10/14

Michelle Yu Jun 10, 2014 7:08 PM
Posted in group: Transportation Alternatives Brooklyn Activist Committee

CB10 Transportation Committee Meeting

6/10/14, 7pm, held at District office


-Committee Members: Doris (chair), Bob, Dean, Alan, Steph, Larry, and woman with glasses

-DOT: Ingbar, Zac, and Aaron

-Visitors: me, one other person

Background: CB10 sent the following suggested bike routes to DOT in Oct. 2012:

- 6th Avenue

- Ft Hamilton Pkwy

- 68th St

- 72nd St

Today: DOT presented its evaluation of CB10’s suggested bike routes.

DOT accepted the following routes:

- Ft Hamilton Pkwy

- 68th St

- 72nd St

- Marine Ave

DOT proposed this alternate route (to connect with existing bike routes):

- 7th Ave around Gowanus Expy

DOT emphasized that no moving lanes or parking spots would be lost. The proposed bike routes would be bike lanes [white stripes] on the wider streets and shared lanes [chevrons] on the narrower streets. All would be in the same flow as traffic. Incorporating bike routes would calm traffic. Any painting of the ground would be slated to happen in 2015 — process takes about a year after the proposed bike routes are agreed to.

Various committee member concerns:

- want more details on how DOT will handle planning for several busy intersections, e.g. Ft Hamilton Pkwy and 65th / 86th / and 92nd St.

- some grumbles about cars having to slow down, bike lanes taking up space on major thoroughfares, and car traffic getting backed up

Unless the full board moves to scrap the whole thing and go back to the drawing board, procedurally speaking, the full board has already voted on and agreed to the bike routes they proposed earlier, so just want DOT to address safety issues now.

Motion was passed to request that DOT show what safety improvements would be made for the intersection of 65th St and 7th Ave.

Also, a walk-through is planned so DOT and committee members can see in person what is being proposed.

Adjourned at 8pm.