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Suggestion - Total Impact as a OpenSocial Gadget

Vanderfeesten, Maurice Nov 8, 2011 6:33 AM
Posted in group: total-impact discussion

Dear Total-Impact,


Well this is so cool, It should be made as an Open Social Gadget.


In the Netherlands SURF works with the universities together on a prototype portal based on  the OpenSocial framework. See:

How hard would it be to port your app to OpenSocial. It increases the reuse on many other  platforms. The SURFconext architecture will play a role in the deployment of cross platform communications and cloud services on many Dutch universities. My guess: Researchers and departments would love to add this type of Gadget on their portal environment.


I am lacking the development skills to make this a full-fledged OpenSocial Gadget, but I have made an iframe Gadget of Total Impact for demonstration purposes. See screenshot. (Here is the XML )


I was wondering I you guys could help out?


Kind regards,



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