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Re: Worked Example

Heather Piwowar Apr 23, 2012 2:05 PM
Posted in group: total-impact-dev

Can I check that the following would then be correct?

Mendeley.get_members(530031) ==>
   [..., 1d77b4a1-0a84-11e0-9e7a-0024e8453de6, ...]

Mendeley.get_aliases(('mendeley', '1d77b4a1-0a84-11e0-9e7a-0024e8453de6')) ==>
   [('url', ''), ('pubmed', '21179507')]
Pubmed.get_aliases(('pubmed', '21179507')) ==>
  [('doi', '10.1371/journal.pone.0014279')]
Crossref.get_aliases(('doi','10.1371/journal.pone.0014279')) ==>
  [('url', ''), ('title', 'Does Collocation Inform the Impact of Collaboration?')]

Twitter.get_metrics([..., ('url',''), ...]) ==>

Some of the providers would return additional aliases.  For example, Mendeley would ideally return the title, PubMed would return a title, PubMed would probably also return a PubMed Central ID as well since this paper would have one  and maybe some urls to the PMC full text, Crossref might return additional urls, and Topsy returns more than one metric.

But in general, yes :)

Also, I think we are actually removing support for get_members from Mendeley for this version... I used it because it was a good way to show the long chain from the previous version.  Also get_members takes a type.