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Partnership Update #3 - Clarification

George Vanous Jun 7, 2012 8:07 PM
Posted in group: TGN.TV
This is George, CEO of TGN.

Partnership Clarification
Sorry, guys!

In the previous email, when I said "this email", I didn't mean my email. I meant Reply All to this email below when you receive it:


BroadbandTV agrees that YouTube may link the YouTube partner account for imjeffy98 to BroadbandTV's existing YouTube Account.  BroadbandTV also agrees that all content within imjeffy98 partner account will be deemed BroadbandTV's Provider Content and be subject to all applicable terms and conditions of the license agreement governing BroadbandTV's relationship with Google.


How to Reply
Please REPLY ALL (very important, don't just reply) to the email above, when you receive it, with the email below, replacing the [bracket] areas with your name and channel:


“This email is to inform you that I, [Individual Partner Person] authorize YouTube to link my YouTube Account(s) [Individual Channel Names] to BroadbandTV’s YouTube Account. I understand that by requesting this change, I am terminating my partnership on good terms with YouTube. I understand that once my YouTube Account is linked to the BroadbandTV YouTube account, BroadbandTV will receive any YouTube revenue generated by the YouTube Account that was formerly mine, and Network will be solely responsible for the ongoing administration of that YouTube Account.”


Hope this helps!

George Vanous

George hosts The George Show on YouTube!