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Edinburgh Techmeetup: Boot2Gecko + Developing people who develop games

Dale Harvey Jun 11, 2012 5:50 AM
Posted in group: Tech Meetup
Hey All

I hope you werent too confused by the 5 week gap between these techmeetups, it certainly caught me off guard.

TechMeetup Edinburgh is on the 8th floor of Appleton Tower, Wednesday 13th of June from 6:30PM

Thanks to the speakers:

Daniel Livingston will be speaking about 'Game courses suck', developing people who develop games.
Dale Harvey (myself) will be talking about Boot2Gecko, the new mobile web operating system by Mozilla

As always there will be beer(+ soft drinks:) and pizza, and a lot of thanks to our sponsors  SkyScannerEdgecase, ScottLogic and Infomatics Ventures 

Apologies for the late updates, its been a busy month, but I hope to see you all on Wednesday, and to make up for it next months Techmeetup has already been organised :)