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Attila Jul 17, 2012 10:10 PM
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jillery wrote:

> On Tue, 17 Jul 2012 20:56:46 +0200, Attila <> wrote:
>>jillery wrote:
>>> On Tue, 17 Jul 2012 07:20:05 +0200, Attila <> wrote:
>>>>UC wrote:
>>>>"Now genetic tests of Hitler?s biological relatives show that he most
>>>>likely had ?sub-human? Jewish and African genes." Note that only
>>>>"sub-human" is between inverted commas.
>>>>"Jewish genes"??????? "African genes"?????????? These "conservatives who
>>>>love amerika" are truly demented scumbags. Zieg heil and god bless
>>>>america. So, no UC (if you're still out there somewhere) it's not
>>>>ironic; it's a steaming pile of cow dung.
>>> If you're interested in a reply to your expressed POV, rather than an
>>> argument invented by someone else, I have something to offer.
>>> UC has a bad habit of posting cites without descriptive text or
>>> commentary, as he did above.  Other than the topic title, I have no
>>> idea why he bothered to post this one.  UC also has a bad habit of
>>> making bald assertions.  For these reasons, I didn't even bother to
>>> click on his link.  Perhaps UC thought it ironic that Hitler had
>>> Jewish genes.  Or that he thought it ironic someone else thought it
>>> ironic.  Or that he thought it ironic a conservative web site posted
>>> this information.  I'm betting I'll never know what he had in mind,
>>> and it doesn't bother me a bit.
>>I'm with you on that one. Calling "Fellowship of the Minds - Conservatives
>>who Love America" conservative is somewhat of an understatement. Have you
>>actually looked at it? If not, I certainly would NOT recommend it.
> As I said, I didn't even click on his link.  No, I didn't look at it.
> Thank you for the warning.
>>> Based on AOTA, my tuppence is I would not have replied the way you did
>>> for the reasons you gave.  If you had identified links to the Tea
>>> Party, or screeds on Obama's Birth Certificate, or rants that Obama is
>>> a Socialist Muslim Atheist, you might have had a case, but you still
>>> wouldn't have connected it to UC's post.
>>Sorry but all those things you  mentioned are exactly what is contained in
>>that website. I'm starting to lose the thread here. UC is the OP but has
>>not participate in the discussion at all. It seems to be Glenn who was
>>gravely offended by something but it doesn't appear to be anything I
>>actually said. If you're curious read the messages look at the website and
>>form your own conclusions. I am just very surprise that notions like
>>"Jewish genes" and "African genes" pass muster on an ng full of
>>biologists. If you disagree (in point of fact) with anything I said, I'd
>>appreciate the corrections.
> Hmm.  All the things I disagreed with what you said, you snipped out.
I guess you don't mean from my first post on this thread? That one that
caused such offense. Now I'm really mystified. I think  all the other posts
simply expressed shock and disbelief at the idea of "Jewish genes" and
"African genes" and that the object of my outburst was the authors of this
website who call themselves "Conservatives who love America". You can't
really understand my anger w/o looking at the website which caused it. Here
are some samples:
On the Olympics
> Now, they are pandering to the comforts of queers and lezzies, and turning
> their backs on a heterosexual married couple!
> There is no ‘National Pride’ in the Olympics any longer. Now it’s ‘Gay
> Pride’ and big money.
> Married Olympians Can’t Stay In Same Room – Homosexuals Can
> They can take that flaming torch and shove it up their flaming gay …..
> ~Terry

"300 Blacks raid Florida Walmart"
> The headline on Drudge Report and on says “Flash Mob Overruns
> Northwest JAX Walmart.”

> What the headline and the brief story below the video leave out is one
> word that should precede “flash mob.”
> That one word is “Black.”
> It was a Black flash mob that overran that Walmart in Jacksonville,
Florida. And let’s stop calling it a flash mob. Instead, let’s call it by
the correct descriptive term: “flash riot” or just plain “riot” and

B. Reader's comment
> Ken | July 17, 2012 at 7:01 am | Reply
> Niggerz on the rampage!!!
C. Readers comment
> Big Mike Erie | July 17, 2012 at 7:45 am | Reply
> OweBaMao Bin Lying’s people doing what subhumans do….steal, pillage, and
you know, destroy everything moral and right !
Do you really need me to go on? There's loads more where that came from.

>>Otherwise, I think your instincts were correct. Thanks for the feedback.
>> <snipped>