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Re: [symfony-devs] Re: Symfony 2.1 release

Bernhard Schussek Apr 30, 2012 10:39 AM
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@Jordan: BTW you can help a lot to improve stability by testing your
application against master and verifying whether your problems are
fixed now and by reporting issues otherwise. We strongly rely on that.


2012/4/30 Jordan Stout <>:
> I'm +1 on waiting.
> The form component is really one of the most used features IMO.  Granted a
> lot of other changes have been made, I'd feel a true benefit in upgrading
> releases if the form component was more powerful.  Currently, one of my live
> apps is somewhat at a halt due to the terrible prototype and collections
> within collections... Evidentially it's fixed now (although I haven't played
> with it yet).  All in one, I'd much rather wait as all users will benefit
> more and feel more comfortable in a stable form release.
> On Friday, April 27, 2012 11:09:50 AM UTC-7, Fabien Potencier wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> The Symfony 2.1 release was expected to be published some time ago and
>> we struggle with it for two main reasons:
>> * The number of contributions we have every single day. That's great but
>> it means that it is never a good time to release because of this last
>> minute great change that we want to merge first;
>> * The recent BC breaks in the form/validator components.
>> But basically, we cannot release 2.1 because of the second point. We
>> need to be sure that we only break BC for forms only once. So, we have
>> two options:
>> * Wait for the form component to stabilize (which means that we are
>> happy with the state of the API and that enough people have played with
>> it and are happy with the features)
>> * Release 2.1 as soon as possible (because we already have quite a few
>> nice enhancements).
>> I thought that the second option was do-able by forking master and
>> reverting some PRs related to the form component (the ones that actually
>> break BC and are not stable yet because of some bugs or regressions --
>> surprisingly, we are not talking about many of them).
>> Many people think the contrary and so, I want to hear everybody's
>> opinion on this matter.
>> Let me reiterate the two possibilities here:
>> * Wait for the form component to stabilize: we can probably schedule 2.1
>> for August 2012. In the meantime, we should concentrate on the form
>> component and delay other big changes that can affect the stability of
>> the release.
>> * Release 2.1 as soon as possible.
>> Whatever we choose, I want to next Symfony 2 releases to have shorter
>> release cycles (a bit like what I do with Twig); and for that to happen,
>> we need to keep BC as much as possible so that people can upgrade to new
>> versions without any fear.
>> Fabien
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