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Re: [symfony-devs] Symfony 2.1 release

Julien Moulin Apr 27, 2012 11:19 AM
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I think it's important to have stability, more than to release a new version. A new version rhymes with maturity, if we think that a part need more time, it is probably wiser to wait. We'll be even happier and our users too.

2012/4/27 Fabien Potencier <>
Hi all,

The Symfony 2.1 release was expected to be published some time ago and we struggle with it for two main reasons:

* The number of contributions we have every single day. That's great but it means that it is never a good time to release because of this last minute great change that we want to merge first;

* The recent BC breaks in the form/validator components.

But basically, we cannot release 2.1 because of the second point. We need to be sure that we only break BC for forms only once. So, we have two options:

* Wait for the form component to stabilize (which means that we are happy with the state of the API and that enough people have played with it and are happy with the features)

* Release 2.1 as soon as possible (because we already have quite a few nice enhancements).

I thought that the second option was do-able by forking master and reverting some PRs related to the form component (the ones that actually break BC and are not stable yet because of some bugs or regressions -- surprisingly, we are not talking about many of them).

Many people think the contrary and so, I want to hear everybody's opinion on this matter.

Let me reiterate the two possibilities here:

* Wait for the form component to stabilize: we can probably schedule 2.1 for August 2012. In the meantime, we should concentrate on the form component and delay other big changes that can affect the stability of the release.

* Release 2.1 as soon as possible.

Whatever we choose, I want to next Symfony 2 releases to have shorter release cycles (a bit like what I do with Twig); and for that to happen, we need to keep BC as much as possible so that people can upgrade to new versions without any fear.


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